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Resume Mistakes ?

Is your resume generating disappointing results? Have you been sending your resume for positions that you know you are qualified for, but the phone remains silent? If so, you might want to check it and revise it against these common errors.
Here are the most common
resume mistakes. Some of them are quite simple while others are subtle and hard to spot.


1. Lack of focus.
Many people fail to focus on what is really important in a resume why you will be beneficial for your future

.  Its aim is to explain, shortly and to the point, why you are the best candidate for the vacancy.

2. Not a word about your accomplishments.
Do not be shy to say what you have accomplished. Your future employer will be interested what your responsibilities or duties were however this interest will come at a later stage. Say what you have accomplished instead of listing all of your duties.

3. The skills list problem.
Any prospective employer will be interested to see how your skills and knowledge will help his company. Order them in a way that the most relevant are in the beginning of the resume.

4. The reference list mistake
Although you might be tempted to list your references under your resume, this would be a mistake. First of all check if references are required. If they are, put them on a separate sheet.

5. Poor formatting
Be careful about your resume look. For that reason use easy to read formatting - pay attention to the font, use bullets and short paragraphs which are "to the point"

6. Unqualified Candidates - You may want a job, but if you don't have the certification / qualification, skills and experience needed, employers will feel you're wasting their time.


7. Spelling Errors & Poor Grammar - This directly reflects on your reputation and image; writing skills are something you should already possess as a "professional".


8. Inaccurate Dates or None at all - Employers need to know when you worked & where, in order to get a better understanding of your working history and to use the dates for background / reference checks. Missing dates, especially for long periods of time, could send up a red flag, and the resume may be discarded.

9. Inaccurate or Missing Contact Information
- You create a resume to get a phone call or interview. How can someone contact you if the phone number is missing a digit or your email (even hyperlink) address is incorrect? Be sure every resume you send out has your correct contact information, including name, phone number, email address, and detailed postal address.


10. Personal Information Unrelated to the Job - With the limited time employers spend on your resume (40-60 seconds), you don't want to distract them with your height, weight, nationality,  and interests unless they're directly related to the work you want to do .Anything personal that is not directly linked to the position takes away from the point of the resume.


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