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About Patiala.
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Famous Shopping Malls
Shopping Guide

Shopping in Patiala is a delightful experience for the avid shopper. The state of Punjab has a fairly rich tradition of handicrafts and handlooms. The state is noted for exquisite handicrafts like phulkaris (traditional embroidery), lacquered woodwork, jewelry etc. These are the items, you should look for while shopping in Patiala.
Also go for the
Punjabi jutis (shoes), which are typical of this region. Hand-woven carpets, blankets, woolen garments and of course Patiala salwar (the traditional Indian garments with a Punjabi twist in design) are hit with those who want to do some shopping in Patiala. Patiala is a busy urban city and there is hardly anything that one will not find in Patiala. Therefore shopping in Patiala can be pretty confusing for those unaware of the specialties of the place.  The versatility of shopping in Patiala lies in the fact that there is something for everybody. Traditional Handicraft, Handloom items ,Kitchen Household-utensils ,Leather, Quilts and Blankets ,Textiles ,Jewelry, Sports goods ,Flowers and Furniture.

Besides buying the usual urban stuff one must be aware of the specialties of the region before shopping in Patiala.The global mall culture has also entered Patiala and today the city has some of the best malls in the country. Shopping in the malls of Patiala is like shopping in any other Western country and one can find most of the International brands in these malls. However, although globalization has entered Patiala, there are a number of shops selling traditional items in Patiala and they are an integral part of shopping in Patiala.
The traditional handicrafts and art works of Patiala can be bought at the many traditional shops in the city. It is these unique items that make shopping in Patiala even more colorful.

Indeed, for the tourists, the best time to visit the city is February when the combined wonders of the Heritage Festival, the Crafts Fair and the spring season will most certainly weave a magic spell on them and keep them enthralled for days on end

The rich variety and diversity of the handicraft ware comprise an astounding range. Whatever one can possibly think of is there in the Fair. From pottery, textile items, wooden and wrought iron furniture to jewellery, clothes, woollen shawls, curios, house-linen and beaded rings--- everything and anything is there. After paying an entry ticket of ten rupees, one is taken on a virtual merry-go-round of visual and artistic delights. The ride around this quaint-modern world is unending as the galaxy of objects d’art, the exotica and the utilitarian never cease to surprise anyone. The wonders of craftsmanship and imaginative wizardry keep unravelling as one gets into the spirit of the Fair.
For children and adults alike, the fair has a large number of other delights too. Joy-rides, swings, old-world kaleidoscopes, a large number of food-stalls in the food-square selling a variety of lip-smacking food items, rural entertainment and folk dances and songs keep everyone riveted to the Fair.

Famous Places for shopping in Patiala


Adalat Bazar


Leela Bhawan


Tripuri Market


Lahori Gate


Sheran wala Gate


Choti Barandari


AC Market


Patiala City Center



Famous Places to Eat


Gopal’s Family Restaurant,Leela Bhawan ,Patiala


Red Dragon,Leela Bhawan,Patiala


Happy Chicken,Leela Bhawan,Patiala


Choupati 22 no. Phatak ,Patiala


Sooraj Fast Food 22 no.Phatak,Patiala


Chawla’s Chicken, 22 No. Phatak,Patiala


Verma Bakery,22 No. Phatak,Patiala


Cafe Coffee Day,Bhupindra  Road ,Patiala


Sahni Bakery ,Opposite City Centre,Bhupindra Road,Patiala


Toss n Grill,City Centre,Bhupindra Road,Patiala


Kwality Ice Cream ,Bhupindra Road,Patiala


Sagar Ratna ,Tagore Multiplex,Model Town ,Patiala


LA Cuisine,Model town,Patiala


Club 16 Opposite Polo Ground,Patiala

Sadhu Ram,Books Market,Patiala


Jaggi Sweets, Adalat Bazaar,Patiala.




What to Shop in Patiala

Punjabi Suits ,Ladies Suits, Shawls,Pagri,

Pappad, Waddian,Pickles ,

Shoes,Punjabi Jutti ,Wedding Suits,

Blankets, Hand -woven Carpets, Woolen garments

Electronics- TV,  DVD-Players,Refrigerators,Kitchen Appliances

Jewellery,Artificial Jewellery,

Fashion Clothing, Embroidered Suits

Handicrafts,Wooden Chess,