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About Mansa.
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Tourist Sights & Attractions


Mansa is situated in the cotton belt of Punjab and therefore fondly called the "Area of white gold". Indeed agriculture forms the backbone of the district economy. During the months of November and December a visitor to this part of Punjab shall be the proud witness to the pristine, milky white bloom of cotton, as nature blossoms in her full glory. The view is indeed breath taking. While traversing the countryside, one gets a feeling of sailing through clouds. The population is Punjabi-speaking and is wedded to the culture of the Malwa belt of Punjab. Industrially, the district is very deficient, yet some trade and industry is being carried out in Urban areas.


Joga is situated at a distance of 19 km from Mansa and lies on the Mansa-Barnala road.  A fair known as 'Palara Fair' is held here on Chet Sudi 14 (March-April), which lasts for three days. It is associated with the Pandavas, who are said to have stayed here. A large number of persons, both Hindus and Sikhs, attend the fair and take bath in the holy tank.



Budha and Ladha were allegedly two brothers who were khatri by caste. The village was purportedly named after thes two brothers. Some of the population of the village was of Mazhabi and Ramdasia caste origins. It was a part of the former Kaithal state. The ruler of the Kaithal state did not help the British during the insurgency of 1857. So the British annexed the kingdom. Later on, it was merged with Karnal District. It was the largest market of East Punjab. It was a very big recruitment centre for military personnel - which was second to only to Rohtak in India. The prestigious Ashoka Chakra Award was conferred on Hawaldar Joginder Singh Datewas who was recruited from Budhlada. Budhlada city is 70km away from Bathinda and is situated on Bathinda-Delhi rail line. The border of Haryana state is 25km away from the city. As per 1991 census, the total population of the city is 18,123. The sub division came into being on 1992-04-13.


Sardulgarh is situated at a distance of 40 km from its district headquarters, Mansa. Headquarters of the subdivision /tahsil of the same name, Sardulgarh town lies on the Mansa-Sirsa highway. It is connected by roads with Patiala (151 km) and Chandigarh (215 km).


Bhikhi is situated at a distance of 19 kms from Mansa and it is located on Sunam-Bathinda road. Its population as per 1991 Census was 11,547 persons as against 8,993 in 1981. It has a nagar panchayat since 1993. Bhikhi is blessed by the Divine touch of Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji. Its foundation was laid by a Jat of Chahal sub-caste named Bhikha. When Guru ji came to Bhikhi, Bhikha served him whole-heartedly. Bhikha himself was a follower of 'Sakhi Sarvar' but with the blessings of Guru he became the Sikh follower.



Gurdwara Sahib Naunvi Patshahi, Bhupal

Gurdwara Patshahi Nauvin is situated in village Bhupal, 13KM north of Mansa town in Mansa district of Punjab. It is 2.5 km from Mansa-Barnala road. From Bhiki it is 11KM and from Kyalla 3KM.

Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji during his travels in Malwa region in the year 1672/73 stayed for a short while in the village Bhupal. Guru Ji came to this place from village Maur. Unfortunately villagers did not give due importance to Guru Ji, therefore he left the place and moved to the outskirts of the village.

When Zamindar of the village and others came to know about the poor behavior of some of the villagers then he expressed his unhappiness and sent a Ramdasia Sikh named Biran Singh to Guru Ji. Biran Singh was told to persuade Guru Ji to come back to their village. Biran Singh accordingly went and met Guru Ji on the way and prayed not to go away. As per the saying, Guru Ji did not go to Bhupal but spent a night over there only. Biran Singh whole-heartedly served Guru Ji, as a result of which Guru Ji blessed him. Thereafter Guru Ji proceeded for his onward journey to Kyalla. To commemorate the visit of the Guru Ji a shrine has been built here called Gurdwara Nauvin Patshahi. Prakash Divas of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Shahidi Divas of Guru Arjan Dev Ji and Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji are organized here. Besides Gurpurabs, Jor mela is also held during the winter season in the month of January/ February and large number of people joins from all over the places.


Gurdwara Sulisar Sahib, Kot Dharmun
Guru Teg Bahadur Ji set out from Talwandi Sabo and reached Kot Dharmun via Behniwal. According to a saying one thief, who was following Guru Ji, stole his horse. On being caught he accepted death penalty on himself. Because he suicided by hanging himself on a tree, 'Jand' so this beautiful gurudwara came to known as Sulisar. People from the whole area come to the fair on Dasmi.


Gurdwara Jhanda Sahib, Jhanda Kalan
Gurdwara Jhanda Sahib is built here at Jhanda Kalan. This Gurudwara is associated with the visit of Guru Gobind Singh to this place. A religious Diwan is held here annually for three days i.e. on Katak 20-22 (October-November). Monthly fair is also held on Amavas day and a large number of people visit the gurdwara. The samadhof Baba Walait Shah is also existed there.


Mandir Mata Shitla, Kulana
Kulana is situated at the distance of 5 km from Budhlada on the Budhlada-Bareta link road. It is known as Shitla Mata Mandir. Here devotees seek blessings of Mata by offering sweet rice, rotis, ladoos, pudas, etc. The people throng the place from far and wide.


Samadh of Baba Dhiana, Jhunir
Jhunir is a very ancient village. Dhaliwal Jats founded it. Their ancestor was Baba Dhian Dass whose samadh is still in the village. As told by the elders of the village, while playing hide and seek in childhood, Baba Dhian Dass hide himself in a pit. His friends were unable to trace him. They told this story to the elders of the village. Elders of the village came to that pit and asked Baba Ji to come out. But a heavenly voice told them to build a samadh there.


Jai Durga Maisar Mandir, Ubbah
This mandir is situated at the distance of about 12 km from Mansa. It is said about this place that when Mata Jawala Ji was returning after blessing her follower at Maisar Khana, she halted for some time at this place to take rest. Later, Mata Bimla Devi of village Ubbah got constructed a temple at this place. Thousands of people, from far off places gathered at this temple to seek the blessings of the Mata. Two fairs are also held in the month of Chet and Katak.


Other Famous Tourist Sights Near Mansa


Gurudwara Damdama Sahib

Situated approximately 30 kms South of Bathinda at Talwandi Sabo,this famous Gurudwara is one of the five Takhts. Guru Gobind Singh the last Sikh guru dictated the holy book of Sri. Guru Granth Sahib to Bhai Mani Singh at this location approx in years 1705 AD to 1706 AD . A socio -religious fair is held here on the 13th April (Vasakhi) every year


Maiser Khana

The Maisar Khana mandir 29 km from Bathinda on Bathinda-Mansa Road. According to a legend, the jyoti of Mata Jawala appeared to give darshan to a poor devotee who could not reach durga temple at Jawala Ji.

Every year, Two Melas are held where lacs of devotees come to have Darshan of Jawala ji.


Fort Qila Mubark

It is an oldest and highest small brick monument. History of which is quite amazing. Raja Binepal , a Bhatti Rajput built it about 1800 , years ago. The first women emperor Razia Sultana was imprisoned here in 1239 AD by the then Governor Altunia, she jumped from the Summan Burj and later on died at Sirsa fighting with royal forces.
The Tenth Sikh Guru Shri Guru Gobind Singh came in this fort in June, 1705 and threw out a Monster Kana Deo and blessed the area with prosperity.
Maharaja Ala Singh of Patiala State caputured this Fort in 1754 and named the Fort Gobindgarh , earlier it was called Bakramgarh.The Gurudwara was constructed by Maharaja Karam Singh of Patiala on the top of the Fort. This is situated in the heart of the city.

Rose Garden This garden boasts of large number of varieties of Roses. It is very near the city and is visited by large number of people on weekends.
The 10 acre garden is located close to Thermal Plant. It has a vast variety of rose plants and is a good picnic spot.

Zoological Park

It is a plant nursery of the forest department located approximately 10 kms away from the  Bathinda Cantonment and is a popular picnic spot. This place is a small zoo in the amidst of small forest . Although started with a gusto this place conditions is as of any government sector organization . This place can be an ideal tourist place , if properly developed.

Gurudwara Haji Rattan
There is a historic gurudwara known as Gurudwara Haji Rattan named after Haji Rattan, a sadhu who used tomeditate here. It is also associated with the visits of Guru Nanak Dev, Guru Hargobind and Guru Gobind Singh. It is said when Guru Nanak Dev during his first journey (Udasi) visited this place, Haji Rattan hurled a big stone at the Guru to frighten him away. But Guru Nanak Dev picked the same up and hurled it back to Haji Rattan who became unconscious. The Guru brought Guru's pardon and requested him to get him rid of the drudgery of life.