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Smartly using Job Search Engines

Effective Job Searching Tips

Gone are the days when people used to go through the situation vacant columns of newspapers and job magazines to find suitable positions. Today’s people use the power of internet to find information. Whether it is job, education or anything else – internet is the most flexible medium to search information. Job seekers of present time should use the power of internet to ease up their job searching process.

However, searching something on internet can be compared with searching a needle in a stack of straw! What if you have a magnet with you – won’t you be able to find the needle easily? Similarly, search engines help you get relevant information online.

Use Search Engines to find out your dream job:

You can find out latest and relevant job openings through search engines. As all the search engines are text based, you need to be careful while choosing your search phrases. If you are looking for a career in advertising and marketing, then search for phrases like: careers in advertising, advertising jobs, jobs in marketing, copy writing jobs, marketing jobs, openings in ad agency etc. More search phrases you can think of more options you get.

If you are looking for ad agency jobs in a particular city or state, then add the location with your search phrase. For example, if you are looking for jobs in ad agencies in Chandigarh, then your search phrase should be: ad agency jobs in Chandigarh and alike.

Search engines can really help you explore employment opportunities in your preferred field.


Job Portals

As the name suggests, job portals are the websites that publish job openings categorically to ease up your job search process. HR managers, recruiters and organizations with certain positions to offer, log on to job portals and post their requirements. Job seekers browse the job listings and act upon the ad that best suits them.

Some job portals allow job seekers to create their accounts and upload their resume. When employers find a matching profile for the vacancy they have, they contact the person to initiate the recruitment process. This is an easy way of getting job offers directly in your mailbox without doing anything.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to the job listing websites so that you get email alert as soon as a new entry is posted on the board. By subscribing to job listing websites, you can stay updated all the time and respond to the employers quickly.

Browse Career Section of Corporate Websites

In case you are looking for openings in a particular organization, just visit their website and look for the career section. It is a common practice to list current openings in the career section of company website. Browse the list to check if any of the vacancies match your profile – if it does then send your application to the concerned person.

Start using the power of internet for job searching and experience the difference. Search engines, job portals and corporate websites are the best places to find latest job openings these days.










A job search engine is a tool that makes the job search process comparatively easy. These engines have a wide category of job lists of various fields including engineering, insurance, social work, legal and teaching. A job search engine works similar to Google. It fires the queries over the internet and gets the best possible matches. Job search engines provide a list of jobs according to keywords entered while searching. The emergence of vertical search or Meta search engines, which is the latest trend in web searching methodologies, enables the job seekers to have a glance at the wide and multiple web sites that are available on the internet. Some of the latest search engines provide index about the primary traditional job boards. Search engines are used mainly because they cut down on the search time.
The indexes of job search engines are mainly from the web sites of the employers. Job seekers are greatly benefited due to the vertical search engines since they are able to locate new job openings, which are not available through traditional web search engines because vertical search engines provide information about specific business.Many new job search engines are emerging owing to the popularization of vertical search in India and other countries.  Some other search engines like Flipdog has gained rapid popularity throughout the world. Tolmol and Bixee are the famous search engines in India, while Hippo is a famous Australian search engine. The popular search engines in US are Hound and indeed.com.
The applicants are encouraged to post their CV along with their contact details. Job seekers should be cautious while up loading personal information since control cannot be exercised over the resume. This is just a tip to be kept in mind, but you should make sure that the website where you are uploading your information is a genuine job provider website. It might happen that the resume may get into the hands of fraudsters who might misuse the information.
While using the job search engines, jobseekers must provide appropriate keywords to get the exact result. Keywords like jobs in Noida, job opportunities in Noida, etc. help in getting the desired information in just one search. Job search engines also help in finding the appropriate job positions with help of keywords. Thus, job search engines provide the latest and useful information required for jobseekers in a very less amount of time as compared to the other methods of searching. Other important reason to use a job search engine is that it gathers information from all sources available on the World Wide Web and presents it together in one search.