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 Job Search.
Tips for Freshers.

If you've decided you're going to apply for a college internship, the next steps you take will be vitally important. There are three easy, basic steps that every internship job-seeker should adopt for their search.

1) Spread the word
They say that the number one way to find an internship is through networking, but unlike the decades ago, the word "networking" has taken on a number of meanings. You should definitely talk to friends and family, and spread the word about your internship search. Make sure that you are as specific as possible about what you are looking for.There will be family members who encourage you to take on positions with their own companies that may not be the best choice for your future career.
After your personal networks, reach out to your internet  networks including Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and other sites. You can do as little as posting your status as "looking for an internship; let me know if you know of anything" or reaching out to people in your circle who work at desirable companies or organizations in your field.
Finally on Internet there are tons of sites devoted to job searches, many that specialize in internship and entry level positions. Don't just send a ton of resumes out blindly; target specific people and industries, and treat each communication as a possible job. It is always possible that you may not be right for one job, but your good impression can land you in another position's job pile.

2) Cover letter and Resume
Your cover letter and resume are your pitch, the information that you are choosing to broadcast to your potential internships. Put a large amount of through into how you want to present yourself, and pay particular attention to any similarities that internships ads might have with each other. Each year, there are a certain number of buzz words and skills that pop up in the workforce. Reading through a number of internships ads and descriptions will help you figure out what they are, and this will help you writing a winning cover letter and resume for your internship.

3) Positive attitude
For the most competitive internships, recruiters and hiring managers are more often than not looking for reason not to hire you. This is true at every step, and seems much less callous when you consider how many cover letters and job applications they must receive on a given day. This means that there are many things about the decision that are out of your control, and you can't take it personally.
What you can do is stay positive, particularly during the interview process and beyond. Don't get upset if no one calls you right away, or if people ask you the same questions over and over . Don't get upset if they lose your resume and ask you to send another one. Smile if during the interview, the recruiter indicates that she doesn't think that you're right for the job; it might be a test, or she might be having a bad day. The only thing that you can ultimately control is how people see you, and you want that impression to be cool, mature and positive. Who wouldn't want someone with those qualities to be their intern?