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Job Search Tips For College Students

Once you have a couple of years of college under your belt and you are nearing graduation, you want to start thinking about finding a job after graduation. The process can be overwhelming and sometimes scary for someone who is going through it for the first time, but these tips will help you get through it easier.
One of the first steps to finding a job after college is to go and look at your college's career center. You want to make an appointment with a
career counselor and they will help you with deciding what kind of career would be the best for you. You can start doing this as a freshman, only because this way you are familiar with where the career center is and they already know who you are when you come back for more lengthy visits. When you become a senior in college, think about visiting the center weekly and that will help to ensure you're first in line when the job opening hot tips come through.
The second thing that you should do is to remember to start your
jobs search early. You don't want to find yourself with a week until graduation and not have a student jobs lined up. Depending on what kind of career you are looking to have, you might want to do some travelling. Another thing to consider is taking an internship with a company. There are two reasons that this is a good thing to consider. First, it gives you an idea of what the company is like to work for without you making a very firm commitment. The other reason is that it lets the company see what you are like - your working habits and such.

course, when you have an internship on your resume, it looks good to companies who might want to hire you because it shows that you have put into practice what you have learned during your college years. A resume isn't simply something that shows your work history. A resume is a way to show companies what you have learned and what qualifications that you have to work for them. Education and learning is as important as work history to most companies.
Searching for a job during your college years and after graduation doesn't have to be difficult and it doesn't have to be something that you will lose sleep over. As long as you talk to your college career counselors, start out early in your job searching, and consider taking an internship, you'll find that the job search goes much quicker and much more smoothly. There are resources out there and they are available for the asking but you have to take advantage of them and use them, or else they will go to waste.




Punjab has great groups of young persons graduating out of colleges every year. These graduates are professional degree holders mainly in Engineering, Management, Sales, Accounts, Finance, Marketing, Ecommerce, IT, Architecture, Commerce, Economics etc who are without any work experience. Internet is a helping pal for both job-seekers and employers. It has effectively bridged the time gap between requirement of skilled talent pool by the employers and hiring a professional having the matching skills. Online employment agencies have cropped up in a massive scale in last few years and they are making the job search of both freshers and experienced professionals easier. Running an online employment agency is a lucrative business endeavor. Here you get unique visitors on daily basis and scopes for increased ROI are also brighter.

The primary business of an online employment agency is to collate the resumes and portfolios sent by job seekers and match them to the requirements of the prospective employers. Resume submission at your website may be free or cost some charge. The best idea to attract more visitors is making the resume submission on your website free and charging for value-added services. You can charge employers to post their recruitment ads on your website.

Your website should not look like a mere job manual. Rather it should have useful resources like resume writing service, employment contract guide and tips on personality development etc. for the job seekers and simultaneously it should properly understand the needs of the employers. The more interactive is the website, higher is chances to have good profit.

Building a website is not enough to make your online employment agency endeavor a success. Your website needs to be search engine friendly and linked with employment related websites. You can develop a link building strategy with the resumes service providers (if you do not have this service), business service providers and secondary educational sites. Submitting your website to the online business directories also helps a lot in this regard. For better result you can also try the targeted banner advertisement campaign.







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