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Leo Horoscope - 2010


2010 would be an eventful year for you although there would be some rise in hurdles in comparison to last two years. You still run a powerful phase, although there would be personal pressures at all times. Family life, marital matters, joint areas of work as well as personal life could be trying till the 17 th of May 2010 .


You will find your focus would be high but dealing with work pressures as well as people around you will rise.


Work environment will change rapidly and you will not be able to do much. It would be useful to go with the flow and not create too many hurdles in the process of change. The overall scenario will turn good after May 2010 commences.


Marital/ family life wills pickup between May and July 2010, while now ideas / partnerships could also come about.


If unmarried, strong chances of a sudden marriage proposal present between 16 th June 2010 and 31 st July 2010 .




Health and career could suffer some unexpected reversals between 1 st August 2010 and 17 th October 2010 . You should handle this period with caution. Confrontation with seniors is avoidable till 20 th December 2010 .


Status and career will still remain in a powerful phase till 9 th September 2010 . You will be focused and dynamic in whatever you do till this period.


10 th September 2010 onwards some pressure on account of family life could begin. There could be monetary pressures too. You should be conservative in speech, family life and monetary commitments till end of the year.


Money matters will be quite positive as the year commences. There will be good luck and gains till end August 2010.


10 th September 2010 onwards you will find monetary pressures will rise.


A gradual increase in outflows will be felt and you need to be conservative overall in this regard till end of the year.


Income will be quite positive throughout. There will be an exceptional rise between May 2010 and July 2010. You will feel erratic phase during January, May and September 2010.


Investment would remain unreliable mostly this year.


There would be sudden new events in investments. New investment should be totally avoided since these options could be misleading and unreliable mostly. Some improvement could come between May and July 2010, when you can rationalize your exposure. There could be issues again after September 2010 commences.


Despite all events work will remain dynamic and positive till end October 2010. 3 rd November 2010 onwards you could find pessimism in work as well as love life. It is a time to view work and other avenues of life more conservatively.


Love life and investment could cause worry after 3 rd November 2010 . Worries connected with children could go up also after 3 rd November 2010 .


At the beginning of the year 7 th March to 19 th April 2010 could bring volatile trends in career. It would be useful to avoid major changes during this phase. You will find the year would be more challenging towards the end compared to the beginning. It would be useful to remain as conservative as possible this year.


Leo 2010 Love / Marriage Horoscope:


The focus and emphasis would move away from love and marriage towards more of work and career.


Relationships during this year will be on a lower priority except between May 2010 and July 2010, when there will be a sudden move towards commitment.


Unmarried people could move towards marriage and commitment too.


Period beyond 3 rd November 2010 could pose challenges in relationships as well as marriages. It is a period when you could be disillusioned in love matters.


You should be careful in relationships after the 3 rd November 2010 .


If unattached, love life would be interesting mostly this year, although there would not be many occasions for a serious relationship.


You will find the social scene more interesting than romance.


Activity level will be serious between May 2010 and July 2010 more after 16 th June 2010 , although there might not be much serious progress.


Hurdles in getting a serious break through will remain between February and May 2010.


June, August, 16 th September to 10 th October and November 2010 would be very positive. Rest would be a slow period during this year.


If in a relationship, it would come off the peak period experienced in 2008. Some distances and doubts could crop up between January and April 2010 due to sudden change in circumstances. There will be move, thereafter towards stability and commitment between May 2010 and July 2010.


However August 2010 onwards a reversal of sorts could come about. You need to work on your relationship this year mostly.


Serious positive moves possible during April 2010 and August 2010.


If married, this year will open up with a somewhat volatile and fluctuation temperament of spouse. You will find an attempt by spouse to control or influence you. A somewhat strained period could operate till 17 th May 2010 . Further however you will find mitigating and positive trends will operate from May 2010 beginning till end July 2010 which will make marriage positive and blissful. August 2010 onwards till 5 th October 2010 will not be easy.


Direct struggle with spouse will end from 10 th September 2010 , although issues with family due to spouse could crop up.


Mostly a year of caution for you in marital matters.


Leo 2010 Career Horoscope:


Career will remain high on activity as well as priority this year.


You will be work oriented and positive mostly till 10th September 2010. There will be a high level of efforts and energy into what you do.


Work area could experience politics but there will be growth too.


Career will get into a difficult but progressive phase between 27th January 2010 and 31st May 2010. You will experience a hyperactive phase between 7th March 2010 and 19th April 2010. You should work hard but not try to change the career path during this time.


If in a business, you will remain ultra focused but under stress during the period till 17th May 2010. If you work with partners or associates, the relations could be strained and stressed mostly till 17th May 2010 too.


Still due to hard work and a positive impact mostly, progress and gains in career will continue. 10th September 2010 onwards there would be a slowdown in work and hurdles could be experienced.


High expenses and some waste in business could come also.


Overheads would rise and reach unreasonable level after 3rd November 2010.


If in a job, there will be a high stress and pressure from superiors till the 17th May 2010. Changes in job environment could come suddenly and you might feel the need to take a challenge or major decision.


It is not advised that you do so before 17th May 2010. Improvements will come after May 2010 begins but a rise in pressures and some setbacks due to actions of the January and April 2010 phase could come after August 2010 commences. The period till 17th October 2010 could be trying still.


A latent support of a superior could go away by end October 2010 which might create issues in job environment.


If working as a professional, you will have an average year mostly.


Pressures will remain till 17th May 2010 but progress will come too. February, July, August and September 2010 would be gainful, while a dip could come post October 2010.


Leo January Horoscope: Short tempered behavior and fall in status till the 13th January 2010. Growth in career, dynamic opportunities and overall growth after the 14th January 2010.


Leo February Horoscope: Positive and eventful period till the 12th February 2010. Issues with spouse and in joint areas/ partnerships thereafter.


Leo March Horoscope: Ego and opposition to your ideas till the 14th March 2010. Issues in marriage too. Beyond 15th March 2010, dip in energy and stamina. Hurdles could rise


Leo April Horoscope: Low activity and energy phase till the 13th April 2010. Rise in religious and spiritual interest after 14th April 2010. Level of luck will rise too.


Leo May Horoscope: Average luck and creativity till 14th May 2010. Thereafter very positive and good growth in career till end of the month.


Leo June Horoscope: Positive month throughout. Progress in career till 14th June 2010. Higher income and gain thereafter.


Leo July Horoscope: Positive period for money and social events till 15th July 2010. A dip in energy, rise in expenses and a slowdown from the 16th July 2010.


Leo August Horoscope: Slow and difficult period till the 16th August 2010. Aggressive and energetic period from 17th August 2010.


Leo September Horoscope: Creative and high activity phase till the 16th September 2010. Ego with family, in speech and increase in expenses from the 17th September 2010.


Leo October Horoscope: Issues in family life till the 16th October 2010. Growth in career, higher status and position from the 17th October 2010.


Leo November Horoscope: Positive period till the 15th November 2010. Domestic pressures and issues with family after the 16th November 2010.


Leo December Horoscope: Rise in interaction with people and lower activity in family life till the 15th December 2010. Increase in ego and issues related to children after the 16th December 2010.