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Punjab is a northern state of India and is very popular for its rich food . Punjabi recipe is prepared in delicious gravy and punjabi parathas melted in butter/ ghee. Punjabi dishes is simple, healthy and yet has its own fascination. The famous dishes like matar paneer, dal makhani, parathas, bature, lassi are popular all over India.
The vegetable food products main dishes are ones that you can use in smaller quantities as side dishes as well if you so desire. To help you plan the complete Punjabi meal you can find recipes that will show you some of the dishes. The internet will also have a wide selection of main Punjabi foods that serves to you.

While there are some people who may feel that Punjabi meals are bland and pale into comparison when compared to other foods, you will find this is only true based on the foods that you choose. Punjabi meals which are prepared in a tasty manner will help you to choose a better lifestyle.

Punjab is famous for its tandoori cooking style - large earthen ovens that cook various meats, breads and vegetable dishes inside, giving the ingredients a distinctive flavour and aroma. The state also has developed many lamb and chicken dishes, coated in spicy onion and mustard or sweet cream sauces. If you've visiting here, be sure to try some genuine tandoori cooking on your tour of India.

Staple diet of the people Punjab and Haryana is wheat based rotis, paranthas and naan. Rice is cooked less frequently on special occasion. It is often prepared flavoured with onions and other condiments. Striking feature of the cuisine of Punjabis lavish use of butter, cream, ghee and cheese. Pulses or dals, cooked on slow fire and flavoured with characteristic Punjabi tadka, constitute a major item of the meal. Gravy is prepared using the basic mix of onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, chillies and liberal dose of spices. Jaggery is appreciated by the people in the winter season.

Traditional Punjabifood is cooked in earthen tandoors (ovens) which lend it a unique aroma. Though Punjabi dishes of the state are extremely popular and demand no introduction, some non-Punjabi dishes of the state are also famous for their scrumptious taste and the typical Punjabi flavor. The rich food is downed with the famous Punjab-di-Lassi.

Once you have decided to have a full Punjabi style meal you will need to choose the foods for this meal. Since each person has different tastes in foods you will need to take these into account when you are looking at the different foods that you can make. Once you list down the vegetables which are not eaten at any meals you can start looking at some tempting recipes.

It is partially true but not fully, some of Punjabi recipes take good amount of time to cook, but with right preparation method they can be easily cooked.
Many shy away from trying Punjabi cooking thinking that their ingredients are hard to find. It could be a matter of concern in earlier decades, but this is no longer a problem since Indian spices are easily available in most supermarkets.

As with all other cuisines, Punjabi food is all about finding what works best for you. It is about experimenting with different spices and ingredients and to come up with your own secret recipes. Then just go for it! Enjoy!

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