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Let’s fix it what we can

Sometimes you observe that your computer is not performing at the same rate that it should normally do, then maybe it is high time that you seek for some pc repair services. Computer repair is the next thing after a computer diagnosis has been done. Many a times, you can consult a help desk online or you may call its hotline when you think that your computer is encountering some common problems. Computer errors are very common and every computer user may face different kinds of issues so they should learn about the solutions of the common computer related problems. The common factors that cause problems in computer are viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, adware, corrupted registry, faulty hardware, low memory, low capacity hard disk, low CPU speed and stuffing computers with large number of software applications.


We can easily fix some basic computer problems by some basic troubleshooting tips.


A conflict that comes after the installation of a new hardware or software. Most likely, the installation may have caused an interruption in the normal flow of the system. Also, the device drivers may be out of date or are incorrect.


Outdated anti-virus software: Normally, when the anti-virus software is outdated, the result of such is the launching of various viruses that can infect the computer system itself. It can be caused by the careless downloading of an email attachment, the .exe file, or games and music from the free Internet websites.


Spyware : This is yet another disastrous parasitic form of software that causes the dilemma. The spyware can access your files, pass on your information to a third party, monitor your activities online, steal your personal and financial information, and the likes. It is indeed harmful and the anti-virus software is unable to track it down.


Windows registry conflicts and errors: Computer volatility is oftentimes caused by the irregularities in the registry. When the system crashes, that is the time when the computer also fails to execute well.


Check out for virus infections: The presence of virus in the computer launches a lot of disasters. It is important to be equipped with the latest version of the anti-virus software.


Install anti-spyware software. Spyware is a pretty dangerous thing and the anti-virus software can´t find it out. Therefore, you must get the anti-spyware software.


Computer is very slow:This is very common issue and it arises due to the several factors such as too many programs running at the startup, low RAM, low processor speed, spyware running as a background application, errors in the Windows registry and the buildup of the garbage files on the hard disk. Scanning your computer with an up-to-dated anti virus and anti spyware program, cleaning and repairing Windows registry, increasing memory, deleting temporary files, deselecting the programs at startup and uninstalling unwanted software applications can solve this problem to a very large extent.


Computer locks up or freezes:Missing .dll files, viruses, faulty registry, defective RAM and spyware slows down the performance of the server and it locks up frequently. Scanning PC with the anti virus and anti spyware program, cleaning and repairing registry and increasing RAM can solve this issue.


Computer won’t boot:Faulty power cable, power extension and power supply all contributes to this problem. Checking one by one each of the above components can pinpoint the problematic part. Simply replace that part with new one and your compute is okay.


Computer reboots itself:Defective cooling fan, power supply, RAM, viruses and spyware can cause this to happen.


Memory usage is maximum in computer:Either the memory is less than the recommend memory to run certain applications, swap memory chips with each other, scan your computer for viruses and spyware, increasing the page file and physical memory can overcome this problem.


Browser’s home page has changed itself:This is most likely a spyware problem and scanning computer with an up-to-dated anti spyware program can fix this issue.


Computer’s clock losing time:If you see that your computer’s clock is losing time frequently replace your CMOS battery.


Computer can’t get connected to internet:Check IP address, gateway address, scan your PC for viruses and spyware, check network cables and make sure that server’s or gateway’s firewall application is not blocking http requests from your PC.


Speed up your Computer by following these steps:


Defrag your computer at least once every two weeks (I do that once a week). Going to start> Accessories> System Tools> reconstruction. You can click on the "comment" first, before you choose reconstruction, which will tell you whether you need to reconstruction. Simply reconstruction, even if the reports do not need.


To Disk Clean Up, at least once every two weeks (again, will do so once a week). Going to start> Accessories> System Tools> disk cleaning. It analyses your disk and will create reports. I propose to delete files from the recycle bin and files found in the temporary files. Note: We avoid compressing files. It is your call.


Delete and uninstall unwanted programs on your computer. Go to the control panel> add remove programs. Make sure to restart your computer after the removal or elimination of the program, so that the complete deletion will take place.


Delete all files (temporary files and cookies from the computer). Here's how: open a browser. On top of the browser click tools> internet options> delete files and then delete the cookies. History that makes you (0). Others wants to at least 10. I think it is always my number to (0).


You must be very careful to install or download programs. Make sure that you need, if not please just avoid it. Uninstalling is really hard. Many retailers have all the power they have to suspend the program on your computer!


Always turn on the firewall. I suggest you only have one and a firewall from viruses. You have less safer if you have two viruses, running (I know people who want to have two viruses, the programs running on their computer, I do not know why.)


Run anti programs - the spyware. I trust spybot, search and destroy and Adware from Lavasoft. SD will run every week, to make immunize them before making the entire program to run. It will run each week adware, after far too long to run spybot search and destroy.


Run a full scan using antivirus software at least daily (some done once a week).


Avoid multi-tasking too! Meaning to say, to avoid opening too many programs and all this while running in the taskbar.


Always make sure that you have the latest updates for your computer.


Always make sure that all devices (drivers, etc.) is to function properly. Go to the control panel> performance and maintenance> system> hardware> click DEVICE MANAGER. We see all devices and adapters available on your computer. Make sure that you do not see a yellow question mark (?), Or it means there is a mistake in this device or adapter. If so, you should update or install the right drivers. Updated firmware may also be necessary.


Always use genuine softwares.


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