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About Chandigarh.
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Famous Shopping Malls
Shopping Guide

Shopping in Chandigarh, India is a real fun experience, as there are a plenty of happening places to shop at. There is a plethora of shopping malls, where you can find the posh crowd shopping and enjoying themselves.
Chandigarh is a modern city of India. Unlike other tourist destinations in India, Chandigarh is not a city steeped in history and heritage. So shopping in Chandigarh is a different experience.
Plush shopping malls, swish arcades, posh crowd, elegantly lit fountains, sculptures, and groves of trees - shopping in Chandigarh might be anything but typically Indian. Eateries, coffee houses, bars & pubs keep the shopper delightfully occupied.
The main shopping market in Chandigarh is located at Sector 17. In every evening, the place becomes the most happening spot of the city.
The most popular shopping arcade is in Sector 17, which is also known as City Centre. Here, you can find virtually anything and everything on this earth. There are plenty of handicraft emporiums, but there is no traditional item that is specific to Chandigarh. Infact, they contain an assortment of handicrafts and handloom products gathered from neighboring states. While shopping in this city, you can check out the traditional tip-turned-up jutis, colorful Punjabi dupattas and yummy jams and juices.
There are plenty of Shopping Avenues in Chandigarh. Chandigarh is home to all leading brands and retail store chains.

Sector 17 is a fully commercial sector which houses all the major brands and shops that cater to wide array of taste and pocket.

Other popular shopping places are Sector 22, Sector 35 and Manimajra.

If you want to bargain hard for usual stuff try the Azad Hind Market in Sector 22. (Closed on Monday).

You can buy souvenirs in form of Coffee Mugs, Shirts etc. at the Sukhna Lake.



What to buy from Where?


Auto Centers: Sectors 28, 21

Book Shops: Sector 14, 17, 19, 22

Electronic Goods: Sector 17, 22

Fruits, Vegetables and Grains: Sector 26

Furniture: Sector 34, 7 (Madhya Marg)

Garment, Shoes: Sector 17, 22, and 9

Hardware: Sector 7, 18, 22

Medical Stores: Sector 11, 16, 22

Meat and Fish: Sector 21

Vegetable and Fruit Stalls: Sector 19, 20 and 22


What to Shop in Chandigarh

Punjabi Suits ,Ladies Suits, Shawls,Pagri,

Pappad, Waddian,Pickles ,

Shoes,Punjabi Jutti ,Wedding Suits,

Blankets, Hand -woven Carpets, Woolen garments

Electronics- TV,  DVD-Players,Refrigerators,Kitchen Appliances

Jewellery,Artificial Jewellery,

Fashion Clothing, Embroidered Suits

Handicrafts,Wooden Chess,

What to Eat?


The visitors can come across large number of cafes, eating houses and restaurants in Chandigarh where the visitors can dine some Indian as well as other kinds of continental cuisines. Speaking of what/where to eat in Chandigarh, the choice is unlimited for the visitors. The visitors will find many Popular Restaurants in Chandigarh offering Indian, Thai, Chinese, Continental, South Indian, Mexican, French, Mughlai and other delicious western cuisine.

The visitors can enjoy some local delicacies in Chandigarh. There is numerous food stalls located all over definitely go for the local delicacies over here. These food stalls offer delicious cuisines to its customers at a very reasonable and affordable price. Some of the local delicacies include pakoras, samosas and others. The visitors can also enjoy South Indian dishes like dosas, idli, vada, uthapam and others in this place. The visitors can also enjoy some north Indian dishes in Hot Million Restaurant of Chandigarh. The food is wonderful and is made from large number of exotic spices and sauces. The visitors can try out the paneer butter masala, chicken tikkas kabas also other north Indian dishes in this restaurant.

If the visitors are interest in Chinese cuisines, then they can pay a visit to the Mandarin Restaurant in Chandigarh. The Chinese food lovers regularly love to visit this restaurant. The atmosphere of this restaurant is also very calm and relaxing. Some of the popular dishes of this restaurant include chowmein, fried rice and other chicken, sea food and lamb dishes. There are also juice bars in Chandigarh where you can try out some fresh fruit juice.



Some Famous Eating places


Bhoj Restaurant, in the Hotel Divyadeep, Sector 22–B, has good vegetarian food. It is managed by a Sai Baba devotee and is recommended. It is not cheap.
Tasty Bite, Himalaya Marg, near the bus station, has South Indian and Western food, including veggie-burgers and dosas. Medium priced.
Golden Dragon, near the bus station, has decently priced Chinese food.

Mehfil (544-224), Sector 17, is a high-class A/C place with good Indian, Chinese, and Continental food. You may have to reserve for dinner.

Ghazal, Sector 17-C, serves good Indian, Continental, and Chinese, specializing in Tandoori cuisine.
Wimpy’s the British chain, serves a decent veggie-burger and chips.
Chopsticks, Himalaya Marg, serves Indian and Chinese food.

Sagar Ratna (South Indian),

Gopal, Nirula's and Sindhi Sweets also serve through several outlets in the city.

Chawla's -  Sector 8 and Sector 22.  


Some of the Western Food Places


Hot Millions, Sector 17

Backpackers - Sector 9

Pizza Hut - Sector 26, Sector 35

Oven Fresh - Sector 35, Sector 26

Dominos- Sector 17, Sector 34.

McDonalds - Fun Republic, Manimajra, Sector 35.

KFC - Sector 8.

Subway - Sector 17 and Sector 35.


Coffee Shops

Barista, Cafe Coffee Day and Costa coffee(Panchkula) are popular Indian chain of coffee shops that can be found in Chandigarh at various places.

For a true Indian Coffee experience go to Indian Coffee house in Sec 17



Wide Variety of Food delicacies