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Career Tips

1. Update your skills.
Ask yourself if you have the requisite skills to thrive in each role. You may discover you need additional education or training to increase your marketability. Taking time to gain the skills you lack may delay your job search, but it will help you land a more enjoyable and satisfying position in the long run. Updating your skills also will boost your confidence and help you compete with other job seekers who have been on steady career tracks.

2. Create a killer resume.
Your resume can be a deal maker -- or breaker. It often determines whether you'll get a call from a prospective employer, so make sure your document accentuates your strengths. Choose a format that emphasizes abilities over chronology -- but don't try to hide employment gaps. A combination format -- which lists specific jobs and dates of employment under broad skill headings -- for example, allows you to highlight key accomplishments while also documenting when and where they occurred. Also, don't forget to include any freelance projects or volunteer work you've done, as well as any professional organizations you belong to . These activities will illustrate that you remained active and engaged while you were not working.

3. Self Market Yourself
Once you feel confident about your skill set and resume, begin your self-marketing efforts. Let all your former colleagues from past work situations know your current situation and that you're looking for work. These contacts may know someone in your area who can help you with your job search. Tell whomever you talk to that you are in the job market. Don't be shy about speaking up; you may be surprised how many people are willing and able to help. If anyone offers assistance, be sure to return the favour. Serving as a resource to others -- by forwarding articles of interest or providing contact information when requested, for example -- is the most effective way to forge long-term relationships.

4.  Broaden your job hunt
While you likely seek a full-time role, consider broadening your job hunt. A consulting or project-based job can help you ease back to work and allow you to evaluate prospective employers before committing to a full-time position. A specialized staffing firm can help you find opportunities that suit your talents and preferences and also help you get a foot in the door at companies for which you've always wanted to work.

5. Seek out people for support

It's easy to become frustrated during a job search. Just remember, countless people have been through extended job searches, including, as you may find out, friends and family members. Seek out people for support; you may find not only a sympathetic ear but also a person who can relate to your situation and offer advice for overcoming it.