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About Amritsar.
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Shopping Guide

Shopping in Amritsar is a delightful experience for the avid shopper. The state of Punjab has a fairly rich tradition of handicrafts and handlooms. The state is noted for exquisite handicrafts like phulkaris (traditional embroidery), lacquered woodwork, jewelry etc. These are the items, you should look for while shopping in Amritsar.
Also go for the
Punjabi jutis (shoes), which are typical of this region. Hand-woven carpets, blankets, woolen garments and of course Patiala salwar (the traditional Indian garments with a Punjabi twist in design) are hit with those who want to do some shopping in Amritsar. Amritsar is a busy urban city and there is hardly anything that one will not find in Amritsar. Therefore shopping in Amritsar can be pretty confusing for those unaware of the specialties of the place.  The versatility of shopping in Amritsar lies in the fact that there is something for everybody. Traditional Handicraft, Handloom items ,Kitchen Household-utensils ,Leather, Quilts and Blankets ,Textiles ,Jewelry, Sports goods ,Flowers and Furniture.

Besides buying the usual urban stuff one must be aware of the specialties of the region before shopping in Amritsar.The global mall culture has also entered Amritsar and today the city has some of the best malls in the country. Shopping in the malls of Amritsar is like shopping in any other Western country and one can find most of the International brands in these malls. However, although globalization has entered Amritsar, there are a number of shops selling traditional items in Amritsar and they are an integral part of shopping in Amritsar.
The traditional handicrafts and art works of Amritsar can be bought at the many traditional shops in the city. It is these unique items that make shopping in Amritsar even more colorful.

Papads( a thin Indian wafer  or flatbread) and waddian  are quite famous and are available in Amritsar in galore. Do not forget to pick up a bottle of  pickles or two along with some dry fruits while shopping in Amritsar.
There are several
shopping joints in the city. The old city bazaars are better places for shopping traditional Indian wears in Amritsar. Trendy shopping malls with swish interiors are quite common in the city. If you want to shop top brands, do give them a shot.
Alternatively, hang out at  Lawrence Road,Cooper Road, Hall Bazar,Katra Jaimal Singh Bazar, Mochi Bazaar, Guru Bazaar, Shastri Market and Pink Plaza for some good shopping in Amritsar.


What to Shop in Amritsar

Punjabi Suits ,Ladies Suits, Shawls,Pagri,

Pappad, Waddian,Pickles ,

Shoes,Punjabi Jutti ,Wedding Suits,

Blankets, Hand -woven Carpets, Woolen garments

Electronics- TV,  DVD-Players,Refrigerators,Kitchen Appliances

Jewellery,Artificial Jewellery,

Fashion Clothing, Embroidered Suits

Handicrafts,Wooden Chess,

Amritsar is the city of Sarson Ka Saag and Makkai Di Roti and Butter Chicken and Amritsari Fish. Everybody here is a gourmand if not a gourmet! And to eat hearty is to stay healthy. That’s why, the city has no health clubs and gymnasiums. But it has eat streets by the dozen

The basic foods in Amritsar are chicken and mutton. There is no beef and no pork on the Punjabi's menu in Amritsar. There is fish, however, and the fish comes from the rivers that flow into the city and which are outside. These are the Vyas and the Sutlej. There is also the Hari Ke Patan lake in Amritsar and there are plenty of fish farms. Sole is King in Amritsar. And there is also the Singhada. But look at what the enterprising Punjabis did with this limited produce. They created a signature dish for the city with the Sole and called it Fish Amritsari.

Moreover,street food in Amritsar is amongst the finest in the country

must visit is the Chhole-Kulche Wala Dhaba on Maqbool Road where you can enjoy the food sitting outside in the shade of trees. Big cars as well as cycle rickshaws are parked here in a happy mix of democracy and secularism Amritsar exemplifies. A thali will cost you Rs. 15.
For more genteel surroundings visit
Bharawan da Dhaba opposite Town Hall. Popular with the locals, this eatery has been in business since 1917 has grown into an air conditioned restaurant. Try the kaali daal and the various thalis on offer, none of which will cost you more than Rs. 70 per person. Also try Amritsar's famous sweets such as phirni and ras malai served here, as well as all over the city in small dhabas and kiosks. If you want to go for something lighter after the heavy meal, take advantage of the numerous juice vendors and kiosks selling freshly cut fruit right outside, opposite Town Hall.
For a typical Amritsari breakfast (or brunch, considering how heavy it is), visit
Kanha's at Lawrence Road serving fluffy poories with tangy potato curry.

And if you start craving the banal comforts of air conditioned interiors and contemporary decor, head towards the Crystal Restaurant at the Crystal Chowk, immensely popular with the locals serving, amongst multi cuisine fare, Chinjabi cuisine, the likes of Chicken Manchurian and sweet corn soup.
Presenting a delectable series of delicacies, Amritsari food carves a place for itself in the culinary specialty of Punjab in particular and India in general. The rich and spicy non-vegetarian palates of Amritsar are aptly teemed with healthy and tasty veg dishes. Amritsar is famous for its dairy products, milk is used in a variety of dishes of the place.
The most popular food of Amritsar include tanduri kulchas, channa bhatura, multi-layered parathas, marmalades, puirs, mutton tikka, seekh kabab, barbecued chicken and fried fish among several others. There are a number of dessert and sweet options too that are available in Amritsar. From Khajur(special sweets made from maida),gur ka halwa and balushahis to pinnis, Amritsar present a wide array of mouth-watering food delicacies.
There are many restaurants and hotels in Amritsar that offer an appealing variety of dishes to both the local people as well the outsiders. Hotels such as Amritsar restaurant & beer bar, Eldorado restaurant, hotel kumar international, kundan dhaba, Bharawan da Dhaba ,Brothers restaurants,Grand hotel, Skylark hotel and Andaz restaurant are among those prominent eatery joints of Amritsar that provide a number of delectable.



Wide Variety of Food delicacies